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Experience the allure of permanent jewelry at B Link’d, where craftsmanship meets eternity. Discover our stunning collection and find the perfect piece that will accompany you on your journey, creating memories to last a lifetime and beyond. Book an appointment or find us at a pop-up near you!

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Gold anklet on a woman sitting in the grass
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Timeless Elegance

sentimental value

How it works


Make an appointment

Choose a time slot to get Link’d, we come to you! Currently serving the Brainerd Lakes and surrounding areas.


choose your style

Take your pick from our rotating selection of beautiful high quality materials, including 14k gold and silver. Want more than one? Mix and match styles to your unique taste!


get link’d for life

During your appointment, we will fit your chain on your wrist and weld your permanent bracelet shut. Now you’re Link’d for Life!

A close up of a couple reaching out to hold hands with permanent jewelry on their wrists

timeless elegance

No matter the changing trends, your permanent jewelry will remain a symbol of enduring elegance and refined taste.

unwavering quality

Each piece is crafted with precision and expertise, using premium materials, resulting in jewelry that is as resilient as it is stunning.

sentimental value

Each piece becomes an extension of your identity, a cherished memento that carries the stories and memories of your life's most significant moments.

mix and match styles, or add a charm

Create captivating combinations that reflect your personal taste and individuality, making a bold statement that is truly your own. Elevate your permanent jewelry with our exquisite collection of charms. Each piece is custom-sized to ensure optimal comfort and wearability.

Woman's hand reaching over her head with a gold bracelet on

14k gold, white gold or gold filled

  • 14k gold/white gold bracelet - $150
  • 14k gold/white gold anklet - $170
  • 14k gold/white gold necklace - $230
  • 14k gold/white gold ring - $60
  • Gold filled bracelet - $50
  • Gold filled anklet - $70
  • Gold filled necklace - $130
  • Gold filled ring - $30
  • add a charm - $60-90
A woman showing off her new permanent bracelet from B Linkd


If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to ensure your experience with B Linkd is exceptional.

is it really permanent jewelry?

Our high-quality 14k gold chains are durable and made to last on your wrist, however if you need to remove your bracelet you can cut it with scissors.

does it hurt?

Nope! When we put on your jewelry, we use high heat on the chain only to weld it shut. You shouldn’t feel a thing!

what if the chain breaks or stretches?

If your jewelry were to break, we will do our best to repair it for you. Please note, we are not liable for lost or broken chains and we do not offer exchanges, returns or refunds.

what about airport security?

TSA won’t ask you to remove fine jewelry when going through security. Your jewelry will travel with you no matter where you go!

do you offer group discounts?

Yes! Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, you name it. Contact us to coordinate a date and time.